Discover the members of our SESVanderHave Management Team, headed by Rob Van Tetering, who has been CEO of SESVanderHave since 2 October 2008​.

Rob van Tetering – Chief Executive Officer

Rob Van Tetering has been CEO of SESVanderHave since 2 October 2008. He began his career in the sugar beet sector at the Dutch company D.J. Vanderhave, where he was International Sales Manager for nine years. He then worked as International Sales Director for Advanta Seeds. In 2005, he became Chief Operating Officer (COO) at SESVanderHave, taking over as CEO in 2008.

His SESVanderHave Management Team consists of Christiane Vanleeuw (Chief Financial Officer and General Manager Belgium), Bruno Dequiedt (Seed Production Director & General Manager France), Bruno Vandamme (Commercial Director), Benny Jacobs (Operations Director), and Gerhard Steinrücken (R&D Director).

Christiane Vanleeuw - Chief Financial Officer and General Manager Belgium

Christiane Vanleeuw is the Chief Financial Officer of the SESVanderHave group. At the company's headquarters in Tienen, she also acts as General Manager Belgium.

Christiane has more than 35 years' experience in the financial sector, human resources and legal management. She began her career in 1981 at Deloitte & Touche (Brussels), a firm specialising in audit, accounting, tax & legal, consulting and financial services.

In 1985, she started at SESVanderHave, going on to join the SESVanderHave Management Team as Chief Financial Officer of the SESVanderHave group in 2005.

Bruno Dequiedt – Seed Production Director and General Manager France

Bruno Dequiedt is the Seed Production Director of the SESVanderHave Group. He also acts as General Manager France.

He began his career in the Sugar Industry sector. After 5 years in 1990, he joined SESVanderHave.

He held different positions in several areas of our business, including trial management, product development, marketing & sales and seed production.

Bruno Vandamme - Commercial Director

Bruno Vandamme has been Commercial Director at SESVanderHave since 2009.

He began his career at the company back in 1990. Then known as SES, the firm had a number of subsidiaries, including Belgian-based SAPSA, where Bruno was in charge of commercial activities. After three years, he moved to SES headquarters, where, as Sales Manager, he was responsible for the sales of sugar beet seeds.

In 1997, he assumed responsibility for sales in Central and Eastern Europe.

Benny Jacobs - Operations Director

Benny Jacobs joined SESVanderHave as Factory Manager in 1997, going on to become Operations Director in 2016. His responsibilities include manufacturing as well as the Logistics, Health, Safety & Environment, Energy and Technical Services departments.

He started his career in 1989 in the automotive sector at VCST, where he worked as a Process Engineer and then as a Project Manager.

After gaining experience as Logistics and Planning Manager at Spaas Kaarsen in Hamont-Achel, he joined SESVanderHave in 1997.

Gerhard Steinrücken – R&D Director

Gerhard Steinrücken took on the role of R&D Director at SESVanderHave in 2014. He has more than 30 years' experience in plant breeding, most of it in the sugar beet sector.

Before moving to SESVanderHave, Gerhard worked for Syngenta CP AG. He started there as Head of R&D Sugar Beet, a role in which he was responsible for the development of new sugar beet varieties. He went on to become Head of R&D EAME, with responsibility for managing breeding operations for various crops. Finally, he became Head of Global Technologies, in charge of the development of global strategies for key technologies applicable to plant breeding.